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Derby Henry in Nero

Made from the finest Vittellino black leather, the Henry model complements every well-groomed suit.

Derby Henry Formal Shoes

Elegance Redefined

Make a grand entrance at wedding receptions with our Derby Henry Formal Shoes. Beyond a mere accessory to a classic wedding suit, these shoes are an embodiment of matrimonial elegance. Expertly crafted from the finest Vittellino leather, their lustrous silhouette pairs impeccably with groom’s attire and guest’s formalwear, assuring you leave a lasting impression on this momentous occasion.

Classic Style, Modern Grace

Transition seamlessly from wedding halls to business forums with the Derby Henry Formal Shoes. When paired with a meticulously tailored business suit, these shoes encapsulate professional decorum. Their synthesis of ageless design and contemporary finesse makes them indispensable for networking events, industry conferences, and executive presentations.

Essential for Every Milestone

Whether you’re sealing deals in the boardroom or exchanging vows at the altar, the Derby Henry Formal Shoes are a symbol of achievement. They provide a polished finish, perfect for the groom’s wedding day and the businessman’s pinnacle moments. Command the room with confidence whether at shareholder meetings or during the wedding toast.

Masterful Craftsmanship

In every stitch and curve, the Derby Henry Formal Shoes reflect our dedication to peerless quality. Selected for high-stakes negotiations and elegant nuptials alike, they offer a heightened level of refinement suited for elite business galas and sophisticated wedding venues.

The Formal Connoisseur’s Choice

To culminate, choosing the Henry model Derby Henry Formal Shoes signifies a commitment to sartorial excellence. Ideal for the illustrious atmosphere of formal nuptials and the strategic chessboard of business gatherings, these shoes are a testament to a man’s discerning taste in both matrimonial and professional domains.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Details

  • Production: 100% handmade in Italy
  • Style: sewn through
  • Material: Calfskin (upper and lining leather)
  • Sole: Mezzagomma, partially rubberized heel
  • Lacing: 3-Hole
  • Color: Nero (Black)


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At RISCH, the art of shoemaking is alive in every stitch. Our Tuscany workshop is a haven where skilled artisans handcraft shoes to your exact specifications. Each pair is a promise of a perfect fit for life’s grandest ceremonies.


RISCH’s commitment to excellence is evident in our choice of materials. We select only the finest vegetable-tanned leather, ensuring each shoe offers enduring comfort and lasting wear for life’s continual celebrations.


Our handmade shoes are more than an accessory; they’re an investment. With the capability to be resoled and repaired, RISCH shoes are crafted for a lifetime, accompanying you from boardroom to ballroom with unwavering quality.


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